Overview of SBA and SBQL, by K.Subieta, December 2008

SBA and SBQL foundations and description (not completed yet), by K.Subieta, June 2008

Object Oriented Database Management System ODRA (Object Database for Rapid Application development), where SBA and SBQL are implemented: short overview, documentation .doc (4 MB), .rar (2MB). (discussion Forum, in Polish), ODRA papers

Workflow management systems with extended functionality. The project funded by Polish Government, April 2008- April 2010. The project has been implemented on the ODRA system and SBQL. Project assets.

SBQL4J – Stack Based Query Language for Java. Extension to the Java language with an engine based on the Stack-Based Architecture. It provides capabilities similar to Microsoft LINQ for Java. March 2010.

LoXiM system developed at Warsaw University. LoXiM implements SBA and an own SBQL variant.

PySBQL. Extension to the Pyton language with a query language SBQL. Developed by the ToruĊ„ University (overview in Polish, .ppt).

SBA and SBQL – various information

Papers, books and reports devoted to SBA and SBQL

Lectures devoted to SBA and SBQL (23 PowerPoint files, in Polish)

PhD Theses relevant to SBA and SBQL (mostly in English)

Master Theses relevant to to SBA and SBQL (mostly in Polish)

Overview of the book on SBA and SBQL, by K.Subieta, 2004

e-Gov Bus – Advanced e-Government Information Service Bus (European Commission 6-th Framework Programme, IST-26727) (presentation in PowerPoint, short description in Polish, e-Gov Bus Web Site in Polish, brochure in English). ODRA (with SBQL) is used in this project as a virtual repository software.

VIDE – VIsualize all moDel drivEn programming (European Commission 6-th Framework Programme, IST 033606 STP) (executive summary and participant list, short description in Polish). ODRA (with OCL) is used in this project as data store software on the PIM level and as a target platform on a PSM level. OCL is implemented on top of SBQL. Features article: Software development: speeding from sketchpad to smooth code

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