Publikacje pracowników katedry w roku 2010

  1. M.Bleja, T.Kowalski, K.Subieta.
    Optimization of Object-Oriented Queries through Rewriting Compound Weakly Dependent Subqueries

    Database and Expert Systems Applications, 21st International Conference, DEXA 2010, Bilbao, Spain, August 30 – September 3, 2010, Proceedings, Part I, LNCS 6261, Springer, 2010, pp. 323-330, ISBN 978-3-642-15363-1.

  2. M.Chromiak, K.Stencel, K.Subieta.
    Indexing Distributed and Heterogeneous Resources

    Proc. of U- and E-Service, Science and Technology, Jeju Island, Korea, Dec. 2010, Springer Communication in Computer and Information Science 124, Springer, 2010, pp. 214-223.

  3. P.Cybula, K.Subieta.
    Query Optimization through Cached Queries for Object-Oriented Query Language SBQL

    Proc. 36th Conf. on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science (SOFSEM 2010), Spindleruv Mlýn, Czech Republic, January 23-29, 2010, LNCS 5901, Springer, 2010, pp. 308-320, ISBN 978-3-642-11265-2.

  4. P.Cybula, K.Subieta.
    Query Optimization by Result Caching in the Stack-Based Approach

    Objects and Databases – Third International Conference, ICOODB 2010, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, September 28-30, 2010. Proceedings., LNCS 6348, Springer, 2010, pp. 40-54, ISBN 978-3-642-16091-2.

  5. G.Fałda, W.Filipowicz, P.Habela, K.Stencel, K.Subieta, K.Kaczmarski.
    Applying Query by Example in OCL for Platform-independent Programming

    Vol. 1 (WEBIST (1) 2010) Valencia, Spain, April 2010, INSTICC Press, 2010, pp. 179-182, ISBN 978-989-674-025-2.

  6. W.Filipowicz, P.Habela, K.Kaczmarski, M.Kulbacki.
    A Generic Approach to Design and Querying of Multi-purpose Human Motion Database

    Computer Vision and Graphics – International Conference, ICCVG 2010, Warsaw, Poland, September 20-22, 2010, Proceedings, Part I, LNCS 6374, Springer, 2010, pp. 105-113, ISBN 978-3-642-15909-1.

  7. K.Kuliberda, J.Wiślicki, T.Kowalski, R.Adamus, K.Kaczmarski, K.Subieta.
    On Distributed Data Processing in Data Grid Architecture for a Virtual Repository

    Journal of Applied Computer Science, Vol.18 No.2 (2010), pp. 25-55.

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