Architecture Warehouses and Software Intelligence

Zapraszamy na najbliższe seminarium z cyklu “Bazy Danych, Inżynieria Oprogramowania, Systemy Rozproszone”
- w piątek, 7 czerwca, godz. 13:30, sala 118 w budynku głównym PJWSTK.

Prelegent: Krzysztof Stencel
Temat: “Architecture Warehouses and Software Intelligence


By architecture of a software system we typically denote the knowledge about the organization of the system, the relationships among its components and the principles governing their design. By including artifacts coresponding to software engineering processes, the definition gets naturally extended into the architecture of a software system and process. In this talk I present a theoretical model for representing architectural knowledge based on directed multi-graph, define an architecture warehouse implementation of the model capable of representing the complete architecture of a software system and process, and show how it can be harnessed to create a software intelligence layer providing software architects with a toolset for software analysis and visualisation. I will also show examples depicting warehouse implementation and results obtained from its application to a sample software project.

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