Performance Anti-Patterns in Hibernate

Zapraszamy na najbliższe seminarium z cyklu “Bazy Danych, Inżynieria Oprogramowania, Systemy Rozproszone”
- w piątek, 18 maja, godz. 13:30, sala 118 w budynku głównym PJWSTK.

Prelegent: Patrycja Węgrzynowicz
Temat: “Performance Anti-Patterns in Hibernate


“Hibernate is an elegant, straightforward, and easy to use library. This is undeniably true for simple domain models. What about more complex ones? It turns out that in case of complex domain models we usually run into interesting performance issues.
This talk discusses performance anti-patterns related to the usage of hibernate in custom applications. We explain common mistakes or omissions related to object mappings such as unidirectional and bidirectional associations. The focus is on efficient retrieval of collections and their sub-objects, briefly tackling transactions and efficient queries. The presented code examples illustrate how the anti-patterns can decrease performance and how to implement the mappings to speed up execution times.”


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